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Why Us

Golden Touch Painters (GTP) provides a service for customers that want their paint job done right the first time from start to finish. While painting can be a simple thing to do there are numerous reasons to hire a painting contractor. Selecting the right contractor is important and we feel there are very few painting contractors around that can provide the same level of service you will receive from our team!

We have a systematic approach in hiring every person in our company. Whether it is an Estimator, Project Coordinator or a Professional painter of the GTP Brand, everyone goes through the same selection process. Last but not least, we are fully covered by all insurances and have a state of the art Safety Training Program that all staff must complete prior to going to paint school.


When pricing a project we always try to think outside of the box and figure out how we can deliver the best value. In this case we reviewed ways we could maximize efficiency & quality using different teams to complete specific tasks that fall under their expertise; an assembly line approach. This system coupled with daily work agendas almost eliminates any down time, as well, increases the quality of the final paint job.

In addition to focusing on delivering better value at the production level, all proposals are presented to me personally to negotiate lower rates and to increase our chances of securing this project; not only for our company but to enable us to keep our employed staff at work.

Finally we took our proposal to the national representative of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint stores across Canada, who is now a national partner with Golden Touch Painters, to negotiate lower rates on the products we will be using on this project. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have agreed to supply us with premium quality products for reduced rates. Sherwin has also agreed to analyze parts of the previous paint in order to select the absolute best product for the project.

When you consider our pricing be assured that every aspect of this project was considered to ensure maximum productivity, meet and exceed all expectations surrounding the quality of the work as well as offer unmatched value.

The goal is to complete your project within your budget, timeline and any other expectation that you may have. Your reference letter at the end of the day is the most important part of this project


We have tried to make our quote come in at the best possible price while still maintaining the highest level of quality. Arguably, the most important part of any paint job is the surface preparation. Accordingly, we have generously budgeted for a very high level of surface preparation.

Many areas that we looked at had significant peeling and cracking areas. Our solution is to completely scrape off any loose paint using high end, carbide bladed scrapers. These scrapers are 100x stronger than their steel counter parts and allow for paint that has only slightly lost adhesion to be scraped off; preventing those areas, which would not be an issue at the current time, from accelerating the peeling process in the future.

After scraping has been done, we sand the areas down with belt and circular sanders. This reduces those unsightly ridges that occur after thorough scraping. More importantly, sanding reduces the ridges in order to prevent water from sitting on the small ridges and getting in behind previous paint coats.

It is because of our attention to excellent surface preparation that we are able to offer a 3-year guarantee!

Once the preparation is complete, Shedrack (owner) will ensure that the surface is up to a superb standard before applying the topcoat. The process of putting on the topcoat will be by brush, roller and spray (weather permitting). Our painters are thoroughly trained to provide straight and accurate cut lines on all surfaces. We have budgeted ample time for multi-colored areas such as the latticework on some buildings.

Although we are fast, we do not treat that as a reason to provide work of less quality than any other professional painting company would offer!