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Residential Painting


Golden Touch Painters provides residential exterior and interior painting.


We prep the job properly. We ask all homeowners to move their furniture away from designated work area or simply stack neatly in the center of the designated work area before we cover and pad the floor with our top of the line paint covers. We then proceed by patching and sanding all damaged areas before painting to ensure a smooth finished product.


When we cut, we smooth out the paint to prevent any brush marks from showing once the job is finished. A positive sign of a professional painter is the wide cut lines. A narrow cut in line will create ridges and marks that will be visible once paint has dried. This will also prevent any “picture frame” effects where you can see a different texture around the edges of the walls, sockets, switches and vents.



The finished product should be visually stunning if done with the right tools and technique. With the proper technique and tools even the high, hard to paint entry walls will finish completely smooth from top to bottom and side-to-side. Even if the sunshine directly on to it.


With any project Golden Touch Painters begins with a clean surface, using a cleaning solution and a commercial grade pressure washer. This will remove any dirt, grime or flaking paint so that the caulk, primer, and paint stick directly to the surface of the home. Skipping this step will lead to the paint to peel off the property in a few short years. At Golden Touch painters we believe that your property is our pride, we ensure to do everything the right way which is what bumps our company to being #1 in the GTA.


As our team caulk and patch we hand scrape all failing paints or loose, flaky paint. All blemishes must be removed completely from the structure.


We fully caulk any holes and patch up any open joints on the surface. Sand if necessary and then spot prime.


All latex paint is designed to be applied in two-three coats, the “prime coat” and the “seal coat.” The first coat is the prime coat, which must be sprayed and back rolled or brushed. This will push the paint down into the surface creating a new sound, consistent surface for the final coat. Without this prime coat the paint will begin to peel off in large segments as there was nothing done to bond and secure the paint to the property. The final coat fills in any other in consistencies such as microscopic cracks and gives a very elegant smooth finish that will definitely last longer and show the true color intentions.