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Golden Plan - Full Prime Option (Recommended)

This plan includes full transformation process priming, 2 coats application, doors, walls, ceiling, baseboards and trims. In addition, we have added an option to do a full prime on all surfaces that are painted white (windows, door frames, lattice trim, etc.). The reason for this add-on is that the surfaces are presently painted in an Alkyd/Oil based Semi-Gloss finish. Most likely, in the next couple years, the Canadian government is going to heavily restrict the use of oil-based products due to environmental reasons. This means the surface must be converted either this paint job or the next. The full-prime option will act as a ‘conversion primer’, allowing us to use a latex based top coat on these areas as well, a full prime will also prolong the life of the paint by approximately 50-75% according to NACE engineering studies done on paint durability. I’m sure you have probably noticed that the windows are one of the first areas to peel and crack; this option will most likely synchronize the rate of decay of the different surfaces. This should prevent you from having peeling windows for two to three years before the entire building gets repainted. As well, Once this full prime is complete, all surfaces will be finished with a latex product simplifying, and potentially reducing the cost to get the buildings repainted in the future as a result of not needing paint thinner, special oil brushes and the extra time required to clean oil based products.

As a side note, other areas are either already done in a latex full body stain, or an alkyd full body stain, neither of which need conversion priming to top coat in latex. Gold Plan (Price is in addition to Silver Plan)